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Four Symbols; One Truth
by Walt Runkis
Contains never-before published accounts of miracles and magic, plus new revelations from multiple sources which imperically prove that does God exist.

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Cosmic Egg (Digital giclée by Walt Runkis)

Why We Need Scientific Facts That Prove God Is Real
Faith in God is wonderful, but faith alone was never enough for me. Is God real? Does God exist? Is there scientific proof to validate near death experiences and reincarnation stories. Are there empirically verifiable accounts of miracles and other non-ordinary phenomena? Actually, you may be surprised to discover there are many. Hardcore skeptics will always have something to argue about. For them, no amount of evidence will ever be sufficient. Religious extremists are on the other side, wandering about in the opposite direction. So, forget about skeptics and religious extremists. All you have to do is take a fresh look at the flow of events in world around you, using what Buddhist's call "the beginner's mind," and you will soon find empirical proof that it's not a mechanical universe in which we live.

All that we can observe of the physical universe, described by Newton's laws of matter in motion, is what we are able to experience with our physical senses. But everyone knows there is more than that. There are sounds beyond our range of hearing, and sights beyond the reach of our eyes. That is why we have telescopes, microscopes, mass spectrometers, radiometers, and a legion of other machines to extend the reach of our senses. With the scope and sophistication of today’s scientific instruments, we can "see" quite a lot. But despite that, there are still phenomena that exist beyond the range of our most sensitive analytical instruments. I call these phenomena "cracks in the laws of physics." They offer us the means to take a peek into the eternal abode of what I call the Non-Mechanical Universe.
The Non-Mechanical Universe
Consciousness, itself, is one such phenomenon. Even with the aid of our best instruments, we still cannot measure consciousness directly; it can only be inferred indirectly. We cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell consciousness, but everyone knows it exists. Arguments for its nonexistence only serve the cause of academic amusement. And like consciousness, there is an enormous body of evidence which makes proof that God exists a "statistical certainty."

Three Proofs That God Exists
explores a body of evidence that proves, to a statistical certainty, that God is both Consciousness and Being. Evidence in support of this is derived, not by measuring the motion of the planets, but by exploring scientifically verifiable phenomena that are not well predicted by the current laws of physics.

Ask yourself, what breaks the uniform flow of conventional wisdom? Where does ordinary experience leave off and non-ordinary experience begin? It is important to answer these questions because it is at, the intersection of these two, where knowledge of the Non-Mechanical Universe is born. The Non-Mechanical Universe is what we in the West call God.
True Miracle Stories and Non-Ordinary Experiences like Transfiguration, Reincarnation, and NDEs prove that God truly and scientifically Exists
Three Proofs That God Exists is a unique spiritual adventure because it was written by a biomedical research scientist with patents in the fields of immunochemistry and cellular nutrition. It is an easy-to-read narrative style that presents a body of evidence gleaned from miracles and magic and spiritual experiences the author personally witnessed. Some of these incidents were shared by over a hundred other people. It provides scientifically valid examples from verified cases of reincarnation, near death experiences, spiritual visions, as well as metaphysical and paranormal events. In addition, Three Proofs That God Exists reveals the scientific foundation for paranormal experiences, such as: spiritual ecstasy, meditation trance states, spiritual visions, spon- taneous knowledge (claircognizance), and miracle stories. It proves that non-ordinary experiences routinely happen to ordinary people and it reveals never-before published accounts that can lead highly motivated spiritual aspirants to merge in God Realization: the highest joy there is.
Changing the World
The only hope we have of changing the world is to change the minds of people who inhabit it. Those who are doing the most damage are people who find it easy to ignore the spiritual dimension. If the spiritual dimension is presented in a language that is easy to understand, it may be possible to convince people to act from love, compassion and integrity, instead of avarice and expediency. Ignorance is a sickness that ravages our planet. Integrity and knowledge are the medicine it needs to promote spiritual healing. Join us and help make it happen
Reader Feedback
“It’s a page turner that sucks you in like a novel, then you turn a page and hear music. Great job! Thank you.”

— Richard P, Falls Church, VA
"It took me four evenings to finish reading the book. I was entertained, intrigued, amazed, and most importantly to me, it brought back a long forgotten joy for me...reading. I'd for-gotten how much I enjoy a good book. I plan to read your book again, soon. I always pick up things I missed or gain a greater understanding by rereading something. I'll also take the time to look up words that were unfamiliar to me; that helps."

— Kenny S, Florida
“I was raised Roman Catholic. I nearly lost my faith due to their version of the 3-R’s: rules, wrath, and retribution. The wisdom contained in Three Proofs: That God Exists helped restore my faith. It proved to me that God is real. It is the manmade dogma of the church that is false. This book showed me how to recognize miracles that have happened to me, and that my God is the One God of all religions. It showed me a God of Love I worship in joy, not a vengeful God that I am supposed to fear.”

— S. Macey, Bridgeport, CT
"I declare, I can hardly tear myself away. At one point I was needing to take a necessary room break, and wound up walking like a penguin.

"Do you have a publisher yet? I'd like to purchase three signed copies: one for myself, one for my son (a musician and somewhat free-spirit) and one for my used-to-be husband."

— June G, Brandon, MS
Update: Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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